It has been a few years since the area has had bad enough weather to cancel school for three straight days. That’s what happened this week. Because of this, Morris/C-A and Hancock girls and boys basketball teams will be heading into their next games without practice.

“Been a long time since that has happened,” Morris/C-A boys coach Mark Torgerson said of losing several practice days in a row because of weather.

“We are coming into a stretch where we have three games in four days, and going into that without practice is very difficult,” Morris/C-A girls basketball coach Dale Henrich said of the Tiger girls team that is scheduled to play Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

Back in the day, shoot arounds or captains practices were both viable options for days there was no school, but those school policies have changed. And while Hancock High School and Chokio-Alberta didn’t have classes, Morris Area did do eLearning which counts as school, but the same no practice rules apply.

“Now days all the schools seem to have the same policy - no school - no practice. It used to be a little different as we could have a practice that was completely optional, but that is not an option any more,” Torgerson said.

“You hope that your opponents are in the same situation being effected just as much,” Hancock boys coach Cory Bedel said.

Basketball is in mid-season swing now, and it could be good time for break.

“Rest up, enjoy the time off, and be ready to go for when we can play or practice,” Hancock girls basketball coach Tony Thielke said. “The weather is something we cannot control. But we can control our attitude and effort when we (do practice and play in games). I am hoping the girls take the time off to rest up, but when we have practice, they continue to work hard and show improvement.”

“Having this much time can help nagging injuries,” Henrich said of a possible benefit of the mid-season break. “At the same time taking time off after a six-game winning streak may be poor timing (for us).”

Athletes at Morris/C-A and Hancock have the option to study film on their own.

“Kids can watch film at home so they can prepare a little bit,” Torgerson said.

“We have our games on Hudl so the players can watch film of the previous games and also games on our upcoming opponents,” Bedel said. Hudl is a company that provides software to edit and share video and provide other game information online.

Watching game film could mean that when the next day in the gym comes, whether it’s practice or game day, athletes are ready to go.

Both Morris/C-A and Hancock boys teams are scheduled to have games Thursday, Jan. 31. The Tiger boys play host to a West Central Conference game against Montevideo, in Morris, while the Owls play host to Rothsay.

The Tiger girls basketball team is scheduled to play BOLD Friday, Feb. 1, West Central Area Saturday, Feb. 2, and at  Sisseton Monday, Feb. 4.

The Owls girls are scheduled play at West Central Are Friday, Feb. 1, in Barrett.