Have you ever watched a baseball game at Chizek Field in Morris? Do you look through a fence to watch the game? Most fans have no choice but to watch the game through a chain-link fence.

In the fall of 2017, the City of Morris installed new four-foot fencing along the foul lines at Chizek Field, so fans could get an unobstructed view of the game.

"It is now a very good place to sit or lean on the fence to watch a ball game," said Lyle Rambow, who is the secretary / treasurer of the Morris Baseball Association.

This year fans at Chizek will get an additional unobstructed viewing option as the Morris Baseball Association added a roof deck above the home dugout on the third base line in August.

"Riley Brothers was a big donator to the project," Rambow said of the company that received naming rights after donating a significant amount to the project, in which materials cost over $25,000. MBA members provided the labor to build the deck, Rambow said.

"It's 10-foot by 40-foot right on top of the third base dugout. We're going to have three six-foot tables up there, drink rails for people to have their burgers, stools, umbrellas," Rambow said. "It should really be a nice addition for the fans at Chizek. It's going to be nice."

Unobstructed viewing at ball parks is becoming a standard, Rambow said.

"Spicer has a plaza like (our roof deck) right behind the first base dugout, and they don't have any netting," Rambow said.

Still, an incident could happen if people aren't paying attention while on the roof deck.

"It could happen," Rambow said. "There are many major league parks, like Target Field is tight, behind the first base dugout they didn't have netting last year. I think we are going to be okay. When people are up there, they have to understand they're at the ballpark."

The Riley Brothers roof deck, which is connected to the Superior press box, will give fans an opportunity to be closer to the game and watch it from a higher, unobstructed vantage point.

"In the past, there was no un-obstructed viewing, at all, (fans) had to look through a fence everywhere. (With this roof deck), we are definitely adding a place where there is no fence, so the possibility is going to be there (for the fans)," Rambow said.