The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta trapshooting team finished the regular season in third place within Class 3A Conference 4. Staples-Motley won the conference and Proctor was runner-up after five weeks of competition.

Brady Cardwell closed out the regular season in a tie for fifth place in the conference. He averaged 22.9 target hits per 25 round. Tristan Raths finished in the top 20 with a season average 20.8.

Evan Wilts had the most improved score on the week. He had 34 target hits, which was 20 more than he hit in week four.

“Evan Wilts showed the most improvement in week five after he spent some time reworking his form. He really stepped up his game and is ready for the championships,” MACA coach Jared House said.

Derek Giese, Matt McNeill and Ross Marty also improved their scores by a dozen or more. Marty shot 36 on the week, Giese had 38, and McNeill had 42 target hits in week five.

Top shooters were: Cardwell (45), Colten Scheldorf (42), Dillon Nelson (42), McNeill (42), Evan Oberg (41), Dalton Schmidt (41), Hunter Vogt (41), Grady Erickson (40) and Raths (40).

The Tigers now participate at the Trapshooting Championships at 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 12, in Alexandria.