Everyone was nervous, that included coaches and gymnasts, Morris Area / Hancock / Chokio-Alberta gymnastics coach Trent Oberg said of the Tiger gymnastics season opening invitational Saturday, Dec. 1, in Morris.

"The meet felt earlier this season… didn't feel as prepared. With a young team, we weren't sure what to expect," Oberg said. "Going into the meet, I was not sure where we would end up. I had not had a chance to see all of the routines from start to finish in each event. It was exciting (to open the season), but nerve wracking.”

The Tigers took fourth overall with the five-team invite. New London-Spicer claimed the top spot with 132.85 points, Benson/KMS took second with 129.2 points and the second Detroit Lakes team rounded out the top three with 120.65 points.

As a whole, the Tigers recorded 16 new personal bests and had two personal best ties. Of the 16 new personal bests, 10 records were from first-time varsity gymnasts.

Olivia Lebrija took fifth place in all around competition with a 31.25. She took third on the vault and fifth on the floor. She also performed a stuck beam routine.

“Olivia is looking stronger and more confident this season,” Oberg said.

Seventh-grader Taylor Kill took eighth-place on the beam in her first-ever competition.

“Taylor began her Tiger gymnastics career competing on three of the four events,” Oberg said. “She looked very poised and confident during her routines on floor and beam. She stuck her beam routine - uncommon for a first timer. Her vault was strong.”

Callie Snell took ninth in all around competition. Tasha Koehl continued where she left off last season with another stuck beam routine.

“(Tasha) had the most stuck beam routines out of all the gymnasts last season and was the first gymnast to stick a routine this season,” Oberg said.

“Our season started off with some jitters, but the girls pulled through and started the season with a respectable score,” assistant coach Jodi Snell said. “It will be fun to see where the ladies go from here, there were a lot of fun things happening at this meet.”

The Tigers opened the dual season at Fergus Falls Tuesday, Dec. 4 and fell 127.1 to 114.25. Olivia Lebrija and Taylor Kill both performed their second stuck beam routines of the season.

Lebrija took third place in all around competition with a first-place vault (8.75), fourth-place floor (7.9)and fifth-place bars (6.3) and beam (7.7).

Callie Snell took fourth in all around competition. She took fifth place on the vault and on the floor.

Overall, the Tigers set a new season high team total with two new season high event totals, one personal best score tie and four new personal bests.


TEAM SCORING – (1) New London - Spicer 132.85 (2) Benson - KMS 129.2 (3) Detroit Lakes #2 120.65 (4) 4th Place   Morris Area / Hancock / Chokio-Alberta 113.35 (5) Park Rapids - Menahga - Nevis 111.85

VAULT – (3) Olivia Lebrija 8.6, Callie Snell 8.3, Taylor Kill 8.2, Rylie Mattson 8.2, Sara Hoffman 7.9, Faith Butterfass 7.9, Meghan Goulet 7.8, Greta Schaefer 7.2, Valerie Messner 7, Mariel Altamirano 7, Julia Gillespie 6.6, Kelly Berlinger 6.2

BARS – Lebrija 6.7, Messner 5.7, Snell 5.4, Schaefer 5, Gillespie 4.1, Julia Weyers 3.5, Abigail Malek 3.3, Hoffman 3, Butterfass 3, Lydia Fynboh 3

BEAM – (8) Kill 7.9, Hoffman 5.4, Mesner 5.7, Schaefer 6.6, Emily Hamm 5.4, Tasha Koehl 7.4, Lebrija 7.4, Snell 6, Butterfass 4.4, Goulet 5.3

FLOOR – (5) Lebrija 8.55, Hoffman 7.2, Malek 4.8, Callista Kill 5.9, Hamm 7.1, Koehl 6.9, Snell 6.7, Butterfass 7, Goulet 6.6, Kill 7.6

ALL AROUND – (5) Lebrija 31.25 (9) Snell 26.4, Butterfass 22.3

Fergus Falls 127.1, MAHACA 114.25

VAULT - (1) Olivia Lebrija 8.75 (5) callie Snell 8.35, Sara Hoffman 8, Taylor Kill 8.25, Faith Butterfass 7.8

BARS - (5) Lebrija 6.3, Greta Schaefer 5.7, Julia Weyers 5.55, Snell 5.4, Julia Gillespie 4.15

BEAM - (5) Lebrija 7.7, Tasha Koehl 6.75, Snell 6.25, Kill 7.6, Schaefer 6.25

FLOOR - (4) Lebrija 7.9 (5) Snell 7.4, Kill 7.35, Hoffman 7, Emily Hamm 5.9

ALL AROUND - (3) Lebrija 30.65 (4) Snell 27.4