The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta trapshooting team season came to an end at the 2018 Minnesota Trapshooting Championships Wednesday, June 13 in Alexandria. The Tigers shot a team total of 472.

Although the Tigers didn’t advance to the Minnesota State High School League state tournament June 22, the group did shoot their best of the season at the Championships, coach Nick Milbrandt said.

“Everyone shot extremely well (at Championships). A lot of times kids shoot better at the Championships than they do in the regular season,” Milbrandt said. “Because of how it’s set up at Alexandria and the background, it seems like the birds move slower and they’re closer. It’s not, it’s exactly the same as Morris.”

The clearer background at Alexandria helped five Tigers earn 25-straight patches last Wednesday. Brady Cardwell and Tristan Raths both earned two 25-straight patches and had four-round totals of 97 and 95, respectively. Raths shot his 25-straight rounds back-to-back to earn his first-ever 50-straight patch.

“Tristan (Raths) had never shot 25-out-of-25 and at Championships he shot 50-out-of-50 and got his 50-straight patch. It’s really fun to see how excited those kids get when they do well,” Milbrandt said.

Morgan Kirwin also earned her first 25-straight patch of the season and had a four-round total of 92, and Jordan Moser earned his second 25-straight patch of the season and had a four-round total of 94.

Carter Deneui hit 94-out-of-100 targets and Kellen Erdahl had a total of 90-out-of-100.

The Tigers graduate eight seniors off their roster, including Kirwin, Dylan Gillespie, Trevor Voges, Alex Anderson, Hunter Gades, Andrew Messner, Alex Miller, and Tyler Reimers.