The 34th annual Tinman Triathlon is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, in Morris. This will be the first year the Regional Fitness Center is organizing the event, which was previously organized by the University of Minnesota, Morris. UMM is still helping with the event, said Anita Nelson, who is this year’s race director along with Shadow Rohloff.

Although Tinman Triathlon was cancelled due to weather in 2008, typically the event is an all-weather one and this year will be no different, Nelson said.

“I have been watching the forecast and it looks like it could end up being a very nice 70-degree day for the race,” Nelson said. “Rain or shine, or snow, it will go on.”

Jake Krohn of Pickle Events has been the timer at the Tinman Triathlon since 2010. He recalls several less-than ideal weather forecasts on past race days.

“It used to be on a pretty regular cycle of cold and rainy one year and picture-perfect the next, though we've had a couple of years tending toward the cold side as of late,” Krohn said. “It’s certainly been held in the rain, I can vouch for that as a timer and also as a competitor back around 2000-2001.”

Former race director Chad Braegelmann recalls 2013 being particularly harsh weather-wise on race day.

“About 30 degrees at the start with rain, wind and some ice,” said Braegelmann, who was the race director of Tinman from 2009-2015.

Since 2014, the Tinman Triathlon offers two different courses, a sprint course and an olympic course. The shorter sprint course consists of a 450-yard lap swim, a 12-mile bike, and ends with a 5K run. The Olympic course starts with a 1K swim followed by a 19-mile bike and ending with a 10K run.

Tinman also offers the option to participate in a two to three person group or individually.

As of Wednesday, April 18, there were 15 participants signed up, which is normal as most participants sign up the week of, or day of, the race, Nelson said.

“We usually see an increase the week of and on the morning of the race. I am guessing most are probably waiting to see what the weather will be like,” Nelson said.

While online pre-registration is recommended and preferred, people can also register from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on race day.