To the editor:

The holy Bible has much to teach us on how to face the "tribulations" of Life - and our changing planet. According to Genesis 2:15, one of the first instructions God gave when He put Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden, was "to work it and keep it."

But we haven't. For Jeremiah 2:7 foretells of God's displeasure, in that we have "defiled my [God's] land." We need to humbly confess that we defiled the air and water and land of God's beautiful Creation. And now we are facing the reality that we have disrupted the very climate system that supports all life on God's Planet.

Let each of us, in our small ways, with small steps, with many steps, find ways to cherish and protect God's creation, especially for future generations.

Here in Stevens County we now have the opportunity to support and get involved with the Morris Model project that is exploring ways by which we, as households and businesses, can transition away from fossil-fuels to safer renewable sources of energy.

Yes, change is not easy. But we need to keep faith that life will be better. Yes, some businesses and jobs will change, but new forms of work and entrepreneurship will develop, and be even better than what we have now. Isaiah 43:19 gives encouragement: "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness . . . ."

Vern Simula