Editor's note: Charlotte Eul died on April 13. She worked for many years in the registrar's office at the University of Minnesota Morris

To the editor:

Charlotte Eul hung a "We eat problems for breakfast" poster featuring two gophers eating dandelions when she arrived. Her intelligence and good humor made her a favorite among faculty and students. I relied upon Char's 20 years' Triple A and banking experience in California that had sharpened Char's business acumen. I might have been Registrar, but my UMM degree in Elementary Education had not prepared me to be an office director.

When facing computing or registration pressures, Char would quickly say, "This is not going to work, you need to do something." Char's fierce determination fueled by her love and devotion to students, spurred me to act in authority, when I was a marshmallow on the inside. Char coached me through administrative letters to UMM and Twin Cities campus administrators until she had ironed out all the "ouchies" and wordiness, giving letters the needed clout and impact to bring quick solutions.

Char was the elder in our office who helped form us into a very effective and efficient team. When we were processing registration lines of students at lightning speed, Char still took time to notice a student in trouble announcing, "This student needs your help."

The student might have been suspended from school, or fallen short on tuition, or such. Somehow the administration, student's parents, cohorts in other offices, student's adviser, and our office always managed to find a workable approved plan for the student. My staff and I all leaned on Char for strength. Char taught us how to draw the best out of each other with her spicy good humor and twinkle in her eyes. Char was never in the Women's Movement, but that woman had power! Char's problem-solving approach shared by others, resulted in UMM's Student Graduation Rates becoming the envy of every other U of M campus, and even the MNSCU system.

We are so thankful for having had the opportunity to know and work with Char. She was one of the unsung heroes who helped build the Morris campus into one of the finest public liberal arts campuses in the nation. Best of all, Char held on to Jesus' hand for strength. On a particularly challenging day Char gave me something I kept on display in my office until I retired: a little carboard man on a stand holding a sign that said, "Today there is nothing that will come against me that Jesus and I cannot handle."

So Char, now that you are enjoying the delights of heaven, please save spots at the table for your office mates. We love you as deeply as we could ever love a dear sister.

Ruth Thielke, Retired Registrar, UM, Morris