To the editor:

The week of Feb. 10 is designated as "Be Kind Week" and occasionally I see a notice in my local paper about such events. That is a wonderful idea and I have been totally in favor of everyone being kind to others. I certainly have appreciated being the recipient of endless kindness' to me the past 3 years when going through a very difficult time! However, I feel very strongly that the one person who is the most in need of having kindness shown to him is our president Trump and that never happens from the Left. All we ever hear is tremendous criticism, lies and plans to impeach him! We all know what great accomplishments he has made for our country but I won't even list them because the Left refuses to give him credit for anything! The Left needs only to read the Bible to verify the great importance of his befriending Israel and moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem which other presidents promised to do and failed!

I have to wonder where the kindness is by the Left in the matter of abortion! Now Virginia has determined that a baby can even be killed after birth, if the mother chooses! How totally inhumane to sell baby parts for huge money sums and crushing what they can't use! We need to be upset about Planned Parenthood getting funded and performing abortions. Where is the kindness in Democrats who support such a gross thing?

President Trump is deeply concerned for the safety of our country and we know full well that, in order for us to be safe, something must be done to stop the influx of illegal immigration! Before the Trump presidency, the Left agreed and voted for a border wall and realized it was a must but now refuse to admit we need it. How can they not care about all the illegal drugs and illnesses they bring in, the murders they commit, all the rapes happening enroute, suffering to children, and the fact that it will bankrupt our country! How do they propose to feed and give medical care to an endless influx of illegals? Just ask the border patrol for the true facts! All the Left cares about is bringing in all these dependent people who will vote Democrat when they ought to rather be concerned about the safety of our country. Perhaps the Left prefers to "Be Kind" to the top three officials in Virginia now in deep trouble concerning allegations.

Is not anyone concerned about the fact that some newly elected officials have said horrible things about our president? There needs to be common sense here and there is none in that proposed Green New Deal of theirs and we need to contact our elected officials to express opposition. It would be a huge mistake to abolish ICE and must we tolerate the terrible anti-Semitic remarks being made?

Regardless of all the good that being kind does, if our local "Be Kind" organization continues to refuse to be kind to President Trump, as far as I am concerned, they can disband!

Inga Mae Urke