To the editor:

Over the years, I have said, and had it said to me, "you have done very well for a farm kid."

But, we, who grew up on farms, were successful not in spite of being farm kids, but because we were farm kids.

We learned to rise early, work hard in the cold and the heat and the dirt and the dust, and the bugs, and all else farmers and farm kids put up with in earlier days.

This was all brought to mind this past Monday when we had our West Central School of Agriculture, "Ag School," reunion in Arizona. I looked over the attendees and saw retired men and women extremely successful in the professions they retired from. Most of us who attended the Ag School figured we'd be farmers, or farm wives, but many of us could not be as an older brother or sister took over the farm, or we married a non-farmer, or we just decided we wanted another profession. And what we did was phenomenal, whether it was farming or not .

And, I sure the same is true of farm kids who went to the local high school.

So, when someone says to you, "You have done extremely well for a farm kid," tell them it was " because I was a farm kid."

Ted Storck