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Letter to the editor: Main says abortion does take a life

To the editor:

After reading professor Michael Lackey's unsettling letter in the Nov. 10 edition, I felt I must respond. He said he does not believe human life begins when the sperm fertilizes an egg, in other words, in the womb at conception. God's word lays out the facts: "The Lord God formed the man...and the man became a living being," from Genesis 2:7. Psalm 139:13-16 has the psalmist praising God--"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb..." God is the author of all life, and gives each of us life, beginning in the womb. Anyone who honestly wants to find out more about this may go to They may then choose "BEGINNING OF LIFE," and select "Bible Study: What Does God Say About the Beginning of Life?"

Many, however, don't want to hear from God about this. They want what they want. Smokers used to be advised, "You should quit, smoking's bad for you." Generations ago, they could shrug it off. But as more studies and evidence showed the bad effects of smoking, it became harder to ignore it. People continue to smoke because they want to, or because they are addicted and can't shake the habit.

Abortion is similar, in this way, to smoking. Years ago people could deny life began in the womb, or that what was growing in the woman's womb was a person. Now, with evidence from DNA, we see the baby in there is its own person. Ultrasound shows there's a baby in there, and technology allows photographs and videos of them responding to stimuli and making expressions. It is impossible to take an honest look at all the medical, chemical and scientific proof that exists and not conclude that an unborn infant resides inside that pregnant mother.

Still there are women having abortions. They find themselves "in trouble" with no support from the one who impregnated them. He may suggest abortion. She may feel ashamed, afraid and vulnerable. All the emotions; all the attention paid to self and how to escape this uncomfortable situation; being told having this "tissue" removed would solve the problem. So, the baby is dehumanized, its right to life is denied. Though many a couple would love to adopt her or him, the procedure will end with the death of one child, and as Mother Teresa said, "death of the mother's conscience."

Are people who are pro-choice (in favor of abortion) evil? We could say innocently ignorant; or willfully ignorant; or hardened against the God of life and his word.

It saddened me to read how Michael Lackey lost his faith as he pursued an advanced degree; I pray our local students in school and university, who are Christians, do not succumb to teachers and professors who seek to rob them of their faith and their reverence for life as the gift of God it truly is.

Donald Main