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Letter to the editor: Tips in the Jar Part II

To the editor:

The transition of the Democratic Party to a socialist party continues at a slow but steady pace. Imagine a Democrat today sincerely telling their constituents ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country(JFK-1961). At best they'd lose in the Primary, at worst they and their family would be chased out of a restaurant by a mob. I've voted for Collin Peterson several times in the past and I still receive his email updates on Fridays. Recently for the first time, I sent him a response back when I read about his opposition to the Farm Bill due to "unreasonable work requirements for food stamp recipients imposed by the Republicans". I researched it a bit and it appears the so-called unreasonable work requirements are for able-bodied adults without young children in the home. Then I asked myself, how could anyone oppose those requirements in this economy like ours where we have more job openings then workers to fill them? Maybe I'm missing something? Or maybe this is the subtle beginning of a socialist mindset reaching us in western Minnesota? Is it possible that our Blue Dog has gotten lost? I suspect the east coast would be a good place to look for him.

Jason Kirwin