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Letter to the editor: We need representative with substance

To the editor:

In my opinion our current State Representative Jeff Backer has been a very

divisive figure. As a politician he has figured out how to surround himself

with hardcore supporters and to shut out any other voices from among his

constituents. When asked about actual issues of concern he always starts his

response with a talking point: "Well if the Democrats wouldn't ..."

This kind of politics is tiresome. Our district is made up of real people

with real concerns, for their kids, for their elderly relatives, and for

their futures. Murray Smart is the better choice to represent us. He's a

uniter, not a divider.

Murray is an educator and a lifelong resident of West Central Minnesota. He's an

avid outdoorsman committed to our heritage of hunting, fishing, and habitat

preservation. While his primary issues are healthcare and education, Murray

takes seriously the concerns of everyone he meets. He actually listens, which

is really refreshing.

Arne Kildegaard