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Letter to the editor: Nazis were not Christians

To the editor:

What a delight it was to read Roxane Salonen's opinion on the opinion page of the Sept. 15 issue of the Stevens Cty Times, about her trip to Mexico City and facing her fears and finding faith. In light of Michael Lackey's bizarre letter, the previous week, it indeed was a pleasant treat to hear about Salonen's beautiful encounter with faith.

It is unconscionable for Lackey to say what he is saying. When one sees tho that one of his sources is the Washington Post, a noted fake news outlet, it does become understandable why he thinks such folly.

So what is a conservative Christian anyway? A Christian is one who follows Christ. Either you follow Him, or you don't. For Lackey to say that the Nazis or Hitler were Christian is ludicrous beyond belief! Christ was once accused of being of the devil. It is not uncommon for true followers of Christ to be accused of all kinds of things which are not only not true, but quite opposite.

I happen to be an avid Trump supporter. I wasn't always. It was my faith which brought me around. I happen to abhor perpetual lying. I have come to learn that is what democrats and fake news reporters excel in. How mournful that Lackey still believes such lies apparently. I don't believe

that there ever has been a president in our nation's history who has been more belittled or lied about than Donald Trump. There is no evidence to support that he belittles the disabled and neither do I. In fact I love my job which is working with the disabled at Divine House.

What does Lackey mean by " criminalizing immigrants?" Confused and deceived people such as Lackey, preach that Trump and his supporters call all immigrants criminals. Not true. Furthermore, when droves come over from known terrorist countries and can't be vetted, how many criminals and terrorists have then been let in, with complete disregard for the safety of our present citizens, which our president has an obligation to protect? Democrats for years have been using the black and the minority vote to guarantee their getting voted back into office. For them to believe that minorities are incapable of holding a decent job is what has been the real degradation. Trump has lifted the unemployment rate for minorities higher than ever before. White supremacy is another falsehood spewed by fake news which does not exist in the mind of Trump. He has proven how much he wants to help minorities and all people, rather than just the elite.

Melania Trump is a very elegant, distinguished, respectable and dignified woman who

no doubt would testify to the fact that her husband has never degraded her. Why is it that democrats refuse to ever forget past sins of people who have become great people of character, yet completely ignore the present sins & evils of their fellow Democrats which are even worse. Is there not something very evil about that kind of a mindset? A double standard?

God is a God of love who loves the repentant sinner. Is it not time for democrats to take the board out of their own eyes as Scripture beckons? Democrats and fake news that cooperates with them, demonstrate much hypocrisy. They incite people to so much hatred for Trump and even distort reality to the point of comparing him and his followers to Hitler and the Nazis. How very sad that Lackey is buying into that sick thinking. Hitler and the Nazis killed 7 million Jews in their

holocaust. America has slaughtered more than 60 million innocent children in the wombs of their mothers since the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision 45 years ago, according to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life. Democrats obstruct every effort for true republicans and Trump to change

such heinous evil to continue. How much blood money have they paid a self-degraded woman now to claim that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her 36 years ago? Proverbs 17:15 says it well: "He who condones the wicked, he who condemns the just, are both an abomination to the Lord.

Evelyn A. Guggisberg