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Letter to the editor: There is bias in the media

To the editor:

The opinion page of the Aug. 18 edition of the Stevens County Times definitely brings up matters that should be of great concern to all of us.

Yes, free press should be a protection from tyranny. But the Duluth News Tribune editorial with that title truly misses the point along with Wes Flinn's letter to the editor.

The editorial from the Duluth News Tribune quotes the Boston Globe on "the dirty war against the free press" and how alarming the attacks on the media are and how the managing editor for the editorial pages at the Globe states that "we are not the enemy of the people."

I'm sorry but when the truth and facts don't even matter anymore, the press has then become the enemy of the people. The criticisms of our president concerning fake news are legitimate. Ted Storck's letter to the editor which claimed media bias is legitimate. There is plenty of proof of that.

In the last debate before the 2016 election between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, the question was asked of Trump as to whether or not he would accept it if we were defeated. The truth of the matter is that Clinton and her supporters have never accepted defeat and are still this day doing everything in their power to stay in power and derail Trump's commendable agenda, "To Make America Great Again." Much of the media obviously uses their voice as propaganda to twist the truth so as to not even be news at all, but another slam at our President or conservative agendas, etc.

During my childhood it seems that everyone knew who our enemy was. That no longer seems to be the case. There are so many tricks used to deceive people and people who are truly our enemies are not always detected by the general public, precisely because unfortunately, there are too many news outlets who are cooperating with the enemy rather than with true patriots.

Whoever did the cartoon for that opinion page surely does seem to get it. Yes, it does seem that we are in trouble if we love America, the flag and our Constitution and are white, a Republican or a Christian. Then, we are the ones accused of lies our enemies are guilty of and called names that belong to our enemies.

While fake news is busy cooperating with an unconvicted criminal in charge of investigating a collusion with Russia that never existed with Republicans, how many people are even aware of how the interference of the left wing is currently so severe for our midterm elections that their allies have been very involved in major censoring of conservative voices, including the President's voice:

My dictionary defines tyranny as enforcing one's will on others. It seems that the (Democratic) party that wanted to be in power will never accept losing that power and will use every means possible to regain that power no matter how dishonest, unfair and even violent. Do you really believe that in our present age, all of our media outlets are free and serving the will of the people? I agree with Ted Storck that there is too much evidence to the contrary.

Evelyn Guggisberg,