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Letter to the editor: Illegal immigrant can't continue

To the editor:

Another letter to immigrants at the U.S./Mexico border.

I am so sorry for what is happening to you and how you are being treated. Please know that many of us actual Americans feel bad for your situations. We have deserts also. Nothing grows in deserts, so we don't live in them and keep producing one child after another, knowing there is no real hope of a "happy" or even sustainable life, then send them somewhere else illegally. We have an increasing gang problem or two of our own that we, as Americans, really need to take care of before spending billions of dollars on illegal immigrants crossing our borders illegally in hopes of free everything to make their lives better.

Do you have any idea how many homeless Americans there are? No one really knows for sure. The government wants to spend all of our tax dollars on illegal immigrants and their poor, unfortunate children. Gotta get that vote! Billions and billions of our tax dollars hard at work there. Screw the American homeless!

Again, so sorry for what is happening to you. But not for how you are being treated. Many of you left a really bad situation that is really no fault of your own. You should have quit having kids three or six kids ago, I guess. But, according to a June 18 opinion piece written by Rene Denfeld in the "Washington Post," the U.S. itself has 'lost' 61,000 foster children. In her opinion piece, Denfeld cites a a review of federal records by investigative reporters Eric Rasmussen and Erin Smith that revealed in May that child welfare agencies throughout the country have closed the cases of at least 61,000 foster children listed as "missing" since 2000. These children are from diaper age on to late teens that were thrown into a system that doesn't care or is way underfunded (gotta help the illegals!) that simply disappeared. Many of whom are sold into sex trafficking or other unsavory situations. And the hundreds of thousands of others that the system actually has a clue as to where they might be, many of them are victims of neglect, abuse or being used by the foster care parent to make a few extra dollars and then kicked off to yet another foster parent who doesn't really care about the kid's future. They only need to care for them for a six-month period. I'm not saying all situations are as such, but it happens all too often. Yet, billions are being spent to make sure illegals are being taken care of.

If tomorrow, 1,000 homeless kids, some with parents, walked into your home uninvited, (broke in) and expected you to take care of them, would you do it? Then, the next day, 2,000 more showed up, expecting the same, would you do it? And it just keeps getting worse. I know I'm tired of it. There is a way to do it legally. You may want to try that.

Rob Baum,