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Letter to the editor: Where are the real conservatives

To the editor:

Where are the real conservatives?

What does it mean to be conservative anymore? Or, even a Republican? This is Trump's party now, which is why so many Republican elders are calling it quits. Sen. john McCain, an American hero, took time to make two things clear as he nears the end of his life. First, he does not want Trump anywhere near his funeral. Second, he reminded the American people that torture is not legal or moral. McCain is sounding the alarm on the current Trump nominee to run the CIA. My, how things have changed!

Remember, when Nixon launched the Environmental Protection Agency because American waters and air were contaminated because of unregulated corporate behavior. Now, Trump's guy, Scott Pruitt is engaged in an all-out-mission to destroy the agency. Supreme Allied Commander and President, Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans about the military-industrial complex. He feared that the relationship between the government and the weapons industry was too cozy. For a fraction of the cost of Trump's (second) impotent strike on Syria, we could have fixed the contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan. What about some infrastructure for Michigan instead of Mosul? It used to be that conservatives cared about the Constitution and they insisted Congress declare war before we committed American blood and treasure abroad. And, it used to matter what we were fighting for—and we could even find the country we attacked on a map. Conservatives used to be for civil liberties, too, and worked to keep the government away from our private lives, our bodies, our guns, our internet and library records, and they supported a strong press and separation of church and state. It used to be that conservatives were concerned about balanced taxation and spending.The nearly religious experience that Republicans had while passing the Trump Tax Break was pathetic. It largely helped big corporations buy back their corporate stock and increased our national debt. No, it did not help American workers.

The worst part, though, is that it used to be that character mattered. Now, you have religious leaders, like Rev. Bill Graham Jr. explaining why Trump's behavior and payoff to a porn star is not really that important because of his Christian values. Would you have voted for Trump had you known about his behavior? Uber-conservative political commentator, George Will, recently wrote that Mike Pence is even worse than Trump, because he knows how horrible Trump is, but he is still a big suck-up. Of course, political ideologies, parties, and candidates are far from perfect. And, these may not be your issues. But, there is a political party that is actually fighting to end torture, unregulated pollution, military waste and illegal wars. One party is working to reduce our budget deficit and maintain a basic safety net for families and make medicine and health care affordable. It is called the Democratic party. We need healthy opposition parties, though. I hope that if there are any conservatives left, they will make their voices heard.

Troy Goodnough