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Letter: Daughter's recovery reminder of God's protection

To the editor:

At 4 p.m. on March 12 2018, our world turned upside down after one phone call. On the other end was a crackled voice saying we have had an accident. As we quickly drove to the scene, a parent's worst nightmare was beginning to unfold. I saw my beautiful girl covered in blood, shivering from the cold and the fear. I heard the cries from the other children and witnessed the emergency personnel trying so hard to free the children that were pinned and hurting. At that moment, my entire world changed. Throughout my 15 years of parenting or 18 years of my nursing career I have never had a "traumatic" event such as this. The fear and anxiety was overwhelming, I was in shock for what I had just witnessed in the accident scene 1.5 miles from home. I stood back and allowed the multiple skilled emergency staff to care for my daughter as they had been trained. They remained calm, compassionate and reassuring throughout the multiple scans, X-rays and thorough assessments. I had worked with these people on a day-to-day basis and now they were caring for my daughter as one of their own. As each CT scan and ultrasound came back negative, I kept praying for my daughter to remain as she was before. An x-ray revealed a right clavicle fracture, 15 staples were required to clean up a deep scalp laceration, a concussion, whiplash and lower back and leg road rash were the only injuries she sustained after being ejected from the school van. The otherr six children and the van driver had a variety of severe life threatening injuries. Three of them were air lifted to HCMC for further treatment. This isn't where the story ends though.

It has been two months since this horrific accident and although there have been set backs, there has been much healing and restoration made by all involved. They are aive! During this time of reflection, there were so many what ifs and questions leading up to that moment. God protected the other children and my daughter that day, reminding me that God is ever present and has a purpose for Korah's life. He could have easily taken her home to Heaven that day but he spared her and the others to proclaim, "God is good and he isn't done with me yet!"

This accident also brings up so many other good things in our lives that we take for granted every day. The love, support and constant prayers from our small community was what got us through this difficult time. There were people throughout the United States, dance teams, school classrooms, the Miss Minnesota Organization and many churches praying and sending their best wishes and support for us during our trial of life.

At one point I heard that there were about 120 people directly involved with this trauma at some point. That number is incredible and I want to thank each and every one of you for your service and commitment to your agency. Thank you for helping when we are helpless.

Please continue to pray for complete healing and restoration for everyone who was involved. Your prayers have been working and we really appreciate them!


Dusty and Kim Schroeder