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Letter to the editor: We must keep marching for our kids

To the editor:

I just returned from from six wonderful days with 80 Morris Area high schoolers to New York City. where they bonded, enjoyed the city, explored history, saw art right before their eyes, met people from all over the world and most importantly had a terrific time.

On our return trip back to Morris on March 25, my Facebook feed was filled with people marching to protect the lives of these wonderful children. I couldn't imagine my life without these kids. There are teens who will never experience trips like this, never make bonds with peers and teachers, will never meet new people, will never explore art, see a Broadway show, wake up at 7am in a hotel across the country jump on a bus and laugh and cry together because they were killed at their school. We must stop this from happening. We must continue to march. We must continue to pressure our leaders to make a change. We must continue to care for our kids. OUR KIDS.

If you've never stood up for anything in your life - stand now. March now. Fight now. Let our kids live to go on trips, see art, explore history, laugh, cry, smile, bond ... love. Please help protect my kids, your kids, our kids.

Joseph Ferriero