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Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I write this to my good Christian and conservative friends. I ask, in the

name of God, what is happening to our country?

I ask this when the Republican Party platform declares that it supports an

economy "that gives everyone a chance in life, an opportunity for . . .

prosperity . . . ."

I ask this when Scriptures declare "thou shalt not commit falsehoods,"

and "thou shalt not kill."

But I see so many contradictions. I see a tax reform that has created a huge

shift of wealth to the already wealthy — a shift that denies ordinary

income earners a decent "chance in life."

I see troubling increases to an insanely bloated military budget — a budget

already larger than the next nine countries combined!

I see our national debt increasing ever more. And then comes the insult —

that reveals the deception, the lies.

(Remember the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?.) For it is we, the working people, who are now saddled to pay for the shift in wealth, for increases in military spending, for growing deficits — through cuts to our Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs..

It is we who are saddled with guilt for civilians being killed and maimed by

American weaponry —in conflicts that are secretly about access to oil and

profits. Again, more lies that these wars are for "promoting democracy" or "protecting our freedom."

What has happened to conservative and Christian principles? Why do our

legislators vote against our values?

Vern Simula