The city of Morris should have eliminated the two block section of one way street on Oregon Avenue when it rebuilt that street in 2016 and 2017.

The two-block section from the intersection of 7th Street east to the intersection of East 5th Street is dangerous and annoying.

City manager Blaine Hill said city staff has seen vehicles travel the wrong way on the one way to reach the city office. Also, vehicles have been known to drive the wrong way through intersections, particularly on Oregon Avenue through the intersection with 7th Street. Those two actions are dangerous, Hill said.

Drivers who have lived in Morris for many years may be accustomed to the section of one-way streets but those who aren't may often find themselves turning into the one-way section. The signs that announce the one way or not left or no right turn aren't visible enough and aren't placed far enough away from the intersections for the approaching drivers, especially on East 6th Street.

The city also removed several stop signs on Oregon Avenue to create better traffic flow on those sections of the street. Why leave a two-block section of a one-way street? State aid roads can't be one-way streets.

Hill said the two-block section of the one-way street is not only dangerous but unwise.

We agree.

Speculation, complaints

One restaurant closes as another gets ready to take its place. But, oh, listen closely and you can hear a few naysayers talk about the Stone's Throw Cafe that Gary Wahl and his business partners plan to start in the Bello Cucina building.

Good thing that naysayer talk appears to be small because if it grows, that talk can be dangerous. It's just another example of small towns being their own worst enemy.

Few things show support in small town then speculating that a new venture has no chance of succeeding because the owners can't possibly have any experience or enough money to be successful. Or how about showing support by complaining that a retail store's prices are too high or that the small town has no choices for shopping or dining out? It's even better when such shows of support are shared with people who live outside Stevens County. It's nice when people in Willmar or Alexandria or Ortonville or Sauk Centre or Breckenridge or Marshall or Montevideo can hear that there is no shopping or eating places or lack of anything else in Morris or Stevens County. The only thing better would be to wear a sandwich board that says "Morris Stinks" or "Stevens County Stinks" as you walk around a different town.

Here's a tip: Many times it's better to keep such complaints and speculation to yourself.