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Editor's column: Remember the high school prom?

Scenes from the Morris High School Prom in 1968.1 / 3
A Morris High School prom couple from a 1950s prom as it appeared in the high school yearbook.2 / 3
Scenes from yearbook of 1975 of the prom in Morris.3 / 3

What was your high school prom like?

I remember a lot of crepe paper. So much crepe paper.

Sandy Anderson remembers that she did her own hair for prom in the late 1970s at Cyrus High School.

These days it's not unusual for a female prom attendee to have a hair stylist style her hair for prom. Often, there is a practice run before prom day.

"My mom did my hair, Jodi Jurgenson said. Jurgenson also went to prom at Cyrus High School. Her mom also "made a couple of my prom dresses. I went all four years," Jurgenson said.

Cyrus was a small high school and under certain rules, underclassmen were allowed to attend prom with an upperclassmen. Morris Area High School's prom is a junior and senior event only.

Jurgenson's daughter Kendra will be attending today's MAHS prom.

"It's a lot different now," Jurgenson said.

"I think we did the banquet in the cafeteria. We did the dance and that was it. There was no post prom. It was pretty bland," Anderson said.

Today's proms often include shopping excursions for dresses, tuxedos or suits. Often, students will want to select the "right" vehicle for prom. Most proms include a post prom party with games and entertainment. It's a bigger deal and in stories I've done and in casual conversations with prom goers and parents, prom can be expensive as in hundreds of dollars for a dress.

No matter what money was spent or what the theme was, think Precious and Few or a Night in Paris, it seems like everyone has at least one memory of prom.

Eric Johnson doesn't have a prom memory but a non-prom memory. He didn't attend the high school prom in Virginia. "I thought it was a waste of money," Johnson said. He and a couple of buddies spent prom night hanging out.

But, several years later, in another northern Minnesota town, Bobbi Sue Imholte attended her 2007 prom at Grand Rapids High School.

"I got asked to get married over the loudspeaker," Imholte said. "I was really embarrassed. I left."

Imholte fled the prom with her best friend; the two girls had already spent time together before prom.

Although leaving the prom may have indicated Imholte had said no to the marriage proposal, she didn't officially tell her date no to marriage until later.

"(We're) still good friends," Imholte said of the prom date who asked to marry her. She's also friends with his family.

While them marriage proposal was memorable, there were other memories.

"The best part was hanging out with my best friend. Getting ready," Imholte said. She continues to be best friends that high school best friend.

Sue Nelson, who teaches music at Hancock Schools, did attend prom with her future husband. But after the prom date, they didn't date again until seven years later.

Back in their prom days, they were just two high school kids who knew each other, Nelson said.

Prom. It's a piece of high school. A part of the fabric of memories.