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Bits and Pieces: Talking about fast food

Recently over the coffee table, we started talking about the fast food places of a few years ago. The only one at that time was A&W and some smaller "Mom & Pop" places. They were the " after the movie"hangouts and while the food was mediocre we thought they were great. When I was a young girl our family never and I mean never ate out, unless it was at a relative's home. The first time I went to a fast food place, when I was dating was the A&W in Fairmont and that was a disaster, cuz I spilled hot chocolate on my date's white corduroy pants. (The same one I later married). Back then the reason we didn't eat out is because my mom was home every day and made our meals and it was a luxury we couldn't afford.

Today it is a different story, mostly because of the convenience of eating out after working all day and having to go to an event whether if is for the kids or otherwise. The list is endless of the names of places to eat, McDonalds being on the top. I remember when the chain became famous and because my maiden name is McDonald, we thought that was really cool, except we weren't related, so didn't benefit in the profits. But I have fun with my grandkids when I tell them I ate at McDonalds every day of my life until I was married.

And I remember the first pizza I ever ate, it was a cheese pizza and I thought it was great, but by today's standards, it is not. And I made many of the Chef Boy R D boxed pizzas for the kids and we thought that was a treat too. Today there are many, many pizza places and the reviews are mixed on them.

But mom's cooking is still the best, only it is pretty much extinct in our way too busy world.

Have a good day!