Editor's note: Paige Backman is a freshman at Morris Area High School. This submission is an essay written for an English class.

Recently, many people in our country have been heard saying, "I'm scared

of what our president is going to do to our country." Personally, I'm

not that scared of what our president is going to do to our country; rather,

I'm scared of what we ourselves are going to do to our country. Every

since the presidential election began, our country has been fighting. We are

turning against each other, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend,

American against American.

I want people in the United States of America to realize there's going to

be Democrats and Republicans in this country and they are going to have

different views. You can try to change those views, but it will more than

likely fail. Our country is in a great feud right now and it's beginning

to almost look like what began on April 12,1861: the Civil War. The country

was divided against north and south; now, our beloved country is divided

against liberals and conservatives.

Abraham Lincoln was quoted at the Illinois Republican convention in 1858,

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Take those seven words to

heart, truly think about it. If our big feud goes on any longer, we may fall

as a country. We will be known as the country that fell because of our very

own people. There are other countries watching us, watching our childish

actions. We are known to be the greatest country in the world; but, are we

really right now? Probably not. If our own fellow Americans can't work

together, how can we be the greatest country in the world?

People may argue with me saying they are using their first amendment right.

They are using their right of free speech and that's completely fine; but,

it could lead into something a lot more worse then rioting, perhaps a war.

Does our country want to go through a another Civil War? I wasn't around

then, none of us were; but, it is one thing that the Civil War was the

deadliest war in our nation's history. Six-hundred-and-twenty-thousand men died in the Civil War,

that is 620,000 American men who died at the hands of other American men.

They died because they choose not to work together rather they choose to go

against each other, as some wanted to form a new nation. Do you see that

when you choose not work together as one country, it will bring war? With

any war, there will be blood shed.

To whomever is reading this, I want you to know that there many people in

the United States of America and they have their beliefs like you have yours.

Choose to work together and not to fight with each other. I want this

country to stay great and I'm sure you do too. Work together as brothers

and sisters not as enemies and foes. For we, the United States of America,

are one nation under God.