At the risk of embarrassing myself, which I’ve already decided I will, I’m going to share a little about one of my latest adventures.

I’ve been struggling with my new waterpik. A waterpik is device that sprays water onto your teeth and gums to rinse away food particles. It’s a little like a pressure washer.

I’ve struggled so much that I joke with my husband that if I don’t return from the bathroom in a certain number of minutes, he needs to check on me. It’s possible that I have: A. Drowned myself with this seemingly straightforward piece of equipment. B. Electrocuted myself by spraying water onto the electrical cord and then grabbing the cord. C. Just ran away in frustration because of this seemingly simple piece of equipment.

I haven’t yet done A, B or C. But sometimes, my hand and eye coordination is such that it appears I may have showered instead of using the waterpik.

I had some struggles with hand and eye coordination in lower elementary school. I could play cards, shoot a basketball, hit a ball, catch a ball, dribble a basketball with both hands but I couldn’t shuffle the deck of cards or use scissors properly. Small motor coordination was a struggle. I feel like that with my new waterpik.

But, I am making progress. The other day I didn’t feel a need to take the device into the shower and use it.

I am determined to continue using it. I trust the dentist and the hygienist. I still do not however, trust the waterpik. Maybe mine is defective.