On July 4, 1970, President Richard Nixon had an "Honor America Day."

Depending on who you talk to or what you read, the day did or didn't go so well.

Let's consider the History Channel's version of the event. This day was supposed to be a non-partisan event but opponents saw it as a day for Nixon and his administration to promote support for an unpopular war in Vietnam and as a rally for the right.

The day included the Rev. Billy Graham and Bob Hope. It also included protestors wading in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, some tear gas and chants against the war with some waving Viet Cong flags.

Maybe this July 4, 1970, event is an illustration of how we exercise our freedoms in America. Maybe not.

And now, we have President Donald Trump who plans a rally on July 4. The fear is that Trump will simply use July 4 like a promotional tool.

That didn't seem to go too well for Nixon.