To the editor:

"Let's Make America Great Again!" What a powerful slogan this has become in American politics. There is wisdom to be found in it.

First, it tells us America is no longer as great as we would like it to be. We have slipped behind other industrialized nations.

Today, many European nations and cities are already adopting bold policies to cope with the effects of the climate crisis already upon us.

Norwegians, for example, understand that 1., fossil fuel use contributes to climate disruption; and 2., someday in the foreseeable future the supply of affordable fossil fuels will come to an end.

Thus, Norwegians are already making the transition to renewable energy. Last year, 58 percent of cars purchased in Norway were electric. Additionally, the government, in all its wisdom, has proposed a ban on new gas-powered vehicles being sold there after 2025.

With Norway's example as perspective, I am proud, so very proud, of efforts being made here in the City of Morris, via the Morris Model and the Climate Smart Municipality project. The goals of local energy self-sufficiency, the goal of transitioning to electric vehicle-based transportation, just to name a few, is what America should be doing at the federal level, but is not. These are precisely the key things we need to be doing if we truly want America to be great again. But I'm glad we've gotten a good start here in Morris!

Vern Simula