To the editor:

I feel pressed to respond to Janet Malo's letter to the editor in the June 1 issue of the Stevens Cty Times. Pro-life people, are not just harsh, hard, uncompassionate, uncaring people that just "do not understand that there are many different circumstances." Abortion is not as

simple as Malo and other people believe. We also do not live in a world free from suffering When making any tough decision, following the logic of the serenity prayer seems a good way to start. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference..."

The actual facts of the situation: there is a pregnancy and science established many moons ago that life always begins at conception. Therefore it is false thinking to talk only about the mother and her body. Because of the new life, is not only her alone who has to deal with the decisions. Our decisions actually have far reaching effects, way beyond those we love.

Malo's letter says that not one bill ever makes a man step up and be a dad and that is short-sighted. Does not the pregnancy make some man a dad? And is paying child support not making a man step up and be a dad?

Somehow people who have justified an abortion refuse to look at the realities that cannot be changed. They seem to think that if they call the baby a fetus it will hide the facts and she can pretend to be innocent of any wrong doing by aborting the baby.

But in reality, life just does not work that way.

Pro-life people are not as naive as Malo presumes to believe. Compassionate people have knowledge of the consequences of wrong choices and do not want anyone to have to suffer the consequences of bad choices. Bible verses cannot make someone feel worse if they have made a wise decision in light of God's truth. The fact that they may feel worse is a tell-tale sign that they have reached a wrong decision.

We all have a need to repent. That takes humility. Psalm 103- 9, 10, "God does not always rebuke, nurses no lasting anger, Has not dealt with us as our sins merit, nor rejected us as our deeds deserve."

It takes courage to change our attitudes. We cannot receive wisdom on our own. "Wisdom begins with fear of (reverence for) the Lord." Psalm 111- 10. God does have a right to judge. It actually is part of his goodness, justice and love.

Evelyn Guggisberg