During one day, Thursday, May 30, President Donald Trump gave the country two examples of why he needs to give up his Twitter account or learn how to properly use it.


Twitter is a social media communications tool in which users get roughly 300 characters (think letters or words) to make statements. It is apparently our president's favorite way to communicate with the public, the media and anyone else.


Certainly a president in 2020 will use Twitter. Media uses Twitter, celebrities use Twitter and even our next door neighbor probably uses Twitter. But months ago we suggested that Trump make better use of Twitter or give it up.


We make the same recommendation now.


The president shouldn't using a social media tool to comment on matters of great importance. More often than not, the Tweets or Twitter messages, are flippant, difficult to understand, self promotional and frankly are disrepectful to himself as President of the United States and the office in general.


Here are two examples from Thursday, May 30.




"Just arrived in Colorado. Getting ready to deliver the commencement speech at the Air Force Academy graduation. Very exciting - probably will be broadcast live on TV. They want good ratings!" said a Trump Tweet. Really? Our president should not be worried about TV ratings nor should our president be bragging about how he can influence TV ratings. Save that for reality TV stars.


And another example shows that if you don't carefully think about what you may send out on Twitter, people could misunderstand or depending on the reader, could think they understand the Tweet all too well.


Here's the message on Twitter: "I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected," Trump said in a Twitter message on Thursday morning.


Trump appeared to take back the original Twitter message roughly 30 minutes. "No, Russia did not help me get elected," he said to reporters before he left for the Air Force Academy "I got me elected."


Sure people make mistakes or mispeak but if Trump regulary treated his interactions with the media and his Twitter messages in a presidential manner, things like Thursday's Twitter messages would not happen. 

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