To the editor:

For me, the letter by Michael Lackey in the April 27 issue of the Stevens County Times, seems rather quaint. He is appealing for more tolerance, acceptance and kindness towards the transgender experience. I say quaint, because I believe that our society has become too tolerant and accepting of things that are not "normal." I also believe that this is as the left would love to have it so people can get used to things out ofthe "normal" even when they are not right. With their idea of relative thinking they would prefer for all of us to believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth as Jesus proclaimed to Pilate.

The irony in Lackey's thinking, is that we actually live in a period of time where the clear sexual identity of little children is threatened by aggressive transgender and leftist people and the media who are confusing the issue of sexual identity for many children. So I believe the situationto be actually the opposite of Lackey's beliefs. The "normal" is what is not being accepted too often these days. Not only is it not accepted, but the free expression of it is squelched too often as well. Why else are so many conservative and Christian voices being shut down and mightily opposed in so many ways now? Why were over 300 Christians brutally murdered in Shri Lanka with over 500 more injured and the main stream media and Obama and Hilary not even calling them Christians but merely referring to them as Easter worshippers?

The Word of God in Genesis is clear. "Male and Female He created them" Why confuse reality with rare exceptions?

Being a man or a woman has a lot more to it than just having the body parts. With the women's liberation movement already came the idea that women are just the "same" as men or equal as they prefer to call it. The reality though, is that God made them quite different with very unique qualities in order to complement one another. God's views are what are not being tolerated too often or accepted and shown kindness towards and even scorned or worse.


Evelyn A. Guggisberg



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