To the editor:

I was extremely proud to see the local support honoring our veterans this year during the Veterans Day celebrations at the Morris Area High School. I salute and thank our veterans for their service to the country and what they have sacrificed for our freedoms. I also salute staff and students of UMN and the Morris Area High School for their programs honoring our veterans.

On Sunday, Nov. 11, we had a unique and powerful performance in music and words commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The UMN Morris concert choir and Morris symphonic winds put on an excellent performance with vocal and instrumental music and readings. The quality of the presentation was enhanced by the excellent audio resources in the concert hall, a real asset to our small community. It was great to see UMN students and staff sharing their talents helping us celebrate Veterans Day and the collaboration using the elementary school facilities.

Not to be outdone, the students and staff of Morris Area High School, led by members of the FFA chapter and student council, put on another excellent celebration on Monday, Nov. 12, in the elementary gymnasium. The celebration started with refreshments in the Morris Elementary cafeteria and then moved to the elementary gymnasium where all geterans were honored and a token of appreciation presented to all geterans in attendance. The ceremony was followed by the keynote speaker, Jeff Howe. Both the elementary and high School choir and high school band performances were excellent interspersed with various student readings honoring our veterans. Again, it was great to see the serious commitment of the high school students honoring our veterans in their own way. One could only walk away from both celebrations with a "warm, fuzzy feeling" of community pride where we are blessed with a younger generation of responsible and conscientious students. A big thanks to both the UMN and Morris Area High school students for their fine memories.

Don Reicosky