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Letter to the editor: Guggisberg has the wrong facts

To the editor:

Evelyn A. Guggisberg, author of a September 22 editorial, is a Trump supporter, and I know this because she, like Trump, does not tell the truth. Take, for instance, her claim that "Hitler and the Nazis killed 7 million Jews in their holocaust." Putting aside for the moment the disrespect of referring to the Holocaust as the "holocaust," her claim is problematic because it is factually incorrect. Six million Jews died, and this is a fact that educated people know.

So is Guggisberg lying? Or, is she just badly educated? My suspicion is the latter. When I say that Guggisberg is badly educated, I don't just mean that she lacks knowledge of basic facts, like how many Jews died during the Holocaust. I also mean that she doesn't even know how knowledge works. I base this conclusion on the following claim she makes about my September 8th editorial: "For Lackey to say that the Nazis or Hitler were Christian is ludicrous beyond belief!" As an educated person, when I make a claim, I use reliable evidence to support it, as I did in my September 8th editorial. If Guggisberg disagrees with me, she should provide evidence to demonstrate that I am wrong and that she is right. But that is not what she did in her editorial. She merely claimed that what I said is "ludicrous."

But let me provide some more evidence to illustrate that my claim about the Nazis being Christian is true. It is a fact that the Nazis state in their official Party Program that they are a Christian Party. Here is what point 24 of the Nazi Party Program says: "The party as such represents the standpoint of a positive Christianity."

As for Hitler, he is always clear about his Christian faith. Here are a few passages from Hitler's speeches and writings. In a speech, Hitler says: "My Christian feelings point me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter." In Mein Kampf, Hitler says: "by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." In another speech, Hitler says that his political party regards "Christianity as the foundation of our national morality." I can cite hundreds of examples to support my claim.

The point I am trying to make is this: Guggisberg accuses me of spreading "fake news," and yet, she falsely claims that the Nazis killed seven million Jews. How can we trust Guggisberg with complicated claims about being trustworthy when she can't even get basic facts right? To put the matter bluntly, Guggisberg is the one who is spreading fake news, and she doesn't even know it. As for my claims, I provide evidence that all people can access in order to determine if they are correct or not.

To conclude, let me point out precisely why Guggisberg can never be trusted. In the last paragraph of her editorial, Guggisberg wonders how much money Democrats have paid Dr. Christine Blasey Ford "to claim that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her 36 years ago?" Where is Guggisberg's evidence to suggest that the Democrats paid Ford? And on what basis does Guggisberg suggest that Ford is making up the accusation? She has no evidence. She is simply making things up. Any sane and rational person has to realize that Guggisberg, like Trump, cannot be trusted. Guggisberg is a very good Trump supporter.

Michael Lackey