Gage Schmidgall, 13, of Hancock went to the Minnesota State Fair to watch his brother Parker perform in the talent show on the Family Fair Stage, but Gage also got his own type of stage time on Thursday, Aug. 23.

Schmidgall was selected to help with the weather news on the 5 p.m. news broadcast of KSTP. Meteorologist Dave Dahl was broadcasting live from the fair. Schmidgall helped with that broadcast by placing magnetic description placards that told about the next day's weather.

"I picked lightning and two rains," Schmidgall said. "It was lightning in the morning" followed by rain.

"I've been watching so far and it's true," Schmidgall said about the Friday, Aug. 24, weather.

Schmidgall was noticeably excited when I talked to him Friday, Aug. 24, about the weather broadcast.

He's always wanted to be on TV, yet, he wasn't quite sure why. Fair enough. No doubt there is something cool about appearing on TV where thousands of folks can watch you. Now that his mom Penny has posted the weather broadcast on Facebook, people can watch it again.

Some of his friends saw the live broadcast. Others have watched it on Facebook.

So, it's fair to say Schmidgall is a mini celebrity.

Schmidgall saw his chance to be on TV, Aug. 23, when he responded to the call for volunteers.

"I really wanted to get on TV so I basically stood up and raised my hand," he said.

It worked. Schmidgall stood by Dahl's side at the beginning of the weather and then moved in front an easel on which he placed the cards for lighting and rain. Schmidgall even added a bit of a hand presentation for extra flair. A move that was between a magician's and Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune.

Schmidgall said he was nervous before the weather broadcast and never did calm down during it. AS I watched, he seemed calm.

Schmidgall said he'd like to be on TV again someday. This is the second year in a row he's been at the state fair. His brother advanced to the state fair competition from the local Morris Kiwanis talent show in 2017 and again this year.

"Judging by the record, I might be back next year," Schmidgall said of a state fair visit. No pressure, Parker, but remember, your brother wants to be on TV again.