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Letter to the editor: Stop with the Kool-aid

To the editor:

When will Trumpists and many Republicans stop drinking 'The Conspiracy Kool-Aid'? There are too many conspiracies (and lies) to list—but here are some "conservative" favorites. Obama is a secret Muslim. Obama isn't American (the Birther lie helped elect Trump). Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) will create Death Panels. Obama will take your guns. Obama wiretapped Trump. Climate change is a Chinese hoax. The US has massive voter fraud. Senator Ted Cruz's Dad might have helped assassinate Kennedy. The FBI has a secret society against Trump. And, now, the Nunes Memo. The bottom line: Trump has set a new record for lying in office. When Trump is caught lying, he tries to punish the people holding him accountable. His behavior is pathological.

Here are some real things we know. Trump paid an adult movie star to keep quiet about his adultery, which occurred shortly after the birth of his son. Trump talked openly about assaulting women on videotape and then said he wasn't sure if the video of him talking about it was real. Russia interfered with the U.S. election—to help elect Trump. Despite Congress passing a law to sanction Russia, Trump's love affair with Putin (a murderer and thug) continues, and Russia remains unpunished. Trump and Republicans unconstitutionally denied President Barack Obama a Supreme Court nominee. Trump continues to refuse to share his tax information with the American people, which would clarify his foreign entanglements. Trump is hollowing out American agencies from the USDA to the State Department. And, Trump has a historically low approval rating.

Republican conspiracies are not new. President George W. Bush told one of the biggest lies—Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. This lied was used to start a new war. Of course, we know the US was attacked by terrorists, almost entirely from Saudi Arabia, and none from Iraq. The Bush II administration illegally and preemptively attacked Iraq—a country that had not attacked us. Now, 17 years later, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bushies had no plan for the post-invasion of Iraq. Their incompetence destabilized the country and seeded chaos that has spread across the Middle East. Lies have consequences. Of course, we should remember that lies from a Democratic administration led us into Vietnam. We should all care about getting the facts straight. Principles should always matter more than party.

President Roosevelt reminded us, during one of our darkest hours that "...the only thing we have to fear fear itself." Together, we must bravely resist the current crisis in Presidential and Congressional Republican leadership—and demand the best from our leaders.

Troy Goodnough

Morris resident