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Letter to the editor: Caucus night a way to get involved

To the editor:

Next Tuesday evening, Feb. 6, will be caucus night here in Stevens County.

It's a time for Republicans and Democrats to get involved locally with the political process.

Help shape the policies of your state and national party platforms. Write resolutions that

speak to your cause, your hopes for a better America.

Here's an example of a "far-out" resolution that probably won't be adopted for another fifty

years, but it alerts conservatives, liberals, and independents of a huge, looming social problem that

needs to be solved, somehow.

WHEREAS, the U.S. economic system produces about 18 trillion dollars of wealth per year for a relatively small population of 325 million people:

WHEREAS, U.S. wealth and income distribution is one of the most skewed, unequal, and morally indefensible in the world;

WHEREAS, U.S. retail and professional businesses are dependent for their economic well-being upon a consumer base that has adequate income to purchase goods and services;

WHEREAS, approximately one-half of the U.S. population is considered "poor or low income;"

WHEREAS, approximately 16 percent of the 22 million (that is, 3,500,000!) U.S. households are food insecure;

WHEREAS, a half century of government "welfare" programs to alleviate poverty has been unsuccessful, highly bureaucratized, and hugely expensive to taxpayers;

WHEREAS, many conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats alike, support reducing the size of government and the cost and inefficiency of welfare programs, and, ESPECIALLY,

WHEREAS, the future of work is changing dramatically with increasing utilization of "next generation" automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence technologies which require fewer human workers at a time when the human workforce is growing significantly,

WHEREAS, much of the wealth created in the U.S. is not being generated by human work but by financial investment, that is, making money with money, and

WHEREAS, these outcomes of the U.S. economic system are a function of legislated tax policy, and thus can be rectified by legislating changes to current tax policy;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that ( your political party ) enacts federal and state legislation that provides every Minnesotan in every Minnesota household the benefits and protections off a "Household Assured Livelihood" program (a variation of the Basic Income Guarantee concept) which is based on financial need and a work requirement that is embedded in a renewed cultural ethic that being industrious is a positive social value.

Vern Simula