To the editor:

I need some help ­ some advice, on how to vote in the 2020 presidential elections. As a frustrated independent, in that I’m having a hard time finding a candidate who “will do what needs to be done!”

The Republicans tweet that their great tax cut of 2019 really helped the middle class, but research indicates the bulk of that tax relief went to the top 1%. I disapprove.

The Democrats are pretty quiet about the fact that they helped pass the $693 billion dollar military budget! But research shows most of them voted for it. Yes, we need a strong military, but much of that $693 is nothing but a pork barrel for military-industrial corporate welfare. And I’m against that.

The Republicans have been adamantly opposed to even consider legislation to address the climate crisis — that is careening us toward human and ecological catastrophe. I’m angrily against such recalcitrance!

And the damn Democrats are still supporting legislation that provides subsidies to the already enormously-profitable fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries. How dumb is that!

So, what do I expect, need, of a candidate? I want a candidate, Republican or Democrat, to 1) support bold, massive, emergency level (national security risk) legislation to immediately address the climate crisis; 2) pass legislation to provide tax-payer supported (no, it’s not “free”) universal health care for all!; and 3) revamp our foreign policy to dismantle the “endless war policy” which will bring both our troops and our money home where it belongs!

Do you know of any such candidates, even at the Minnesota Legislature level? If so, let me know via email at this address:

Vern Simula