The summer has given us several examples of good things that come from volunteers that cooperate to provide our communities with entertainment and fun.

A group of volunteers in Hancock, from the local Lions Club to the fire department, invest time and energy for the annual July 4 celebration.

The Morris Kiwanis again organized and sponsored a talent show at East Side Park in June. Volunteers performed in the community choir and the community band.

On Tuesday, July 30, the area will again see the results of volunteers as the new dog park in Morris officially opens. The Morris Area Women of Today had various fundraisers and sought donations to create this park.

Each summer, volunteers in Cyrus, Chokio, Alberta and Donnelly organize dances, parades and other events designed for communities to gather and have fun.

In August and September, volunteers will again be involved in the Stevens County Fair and Prairie Pioneer Days in Morris.

There are also on-going efforts to help make our summers better in the area. Memorials have provided benches in various communities at key locations in the city or in a park. Volunteers have improved public accesses at various lakes.

So during what remains of the summer, just remember, when you sit on a bench, take your dog to the park or even sit inside a shelter house, some volunteers likely made that happen.