To the editor:

This letter is in response to the May 18 editorial entitled, "Theres something in the Alabama abortion law that is disturbing."

MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life) literature reveals that according to the Minnesota Department of Health, women that chose to have an abortion due to their pregnancy having been the result of rape or incest, is less than 1% of the total, the rest are reasons basically of inconvenience. National statistics are similar.

I have heard it said that if one does not accept ones cross and carry it, one ends up doubling his/her cross. This is what we see happen with abortion. There are those who would say that this is because of the guilt that pro-life people put on them. But the reality is that Planned Parenthood want women to believe their lies so they can retain their "cash cow" of money obtained through organ harvesting and abortions.

Evil and sin has its own consequences, even when one is not aware of the damage to begin with. To show what I mean I suggest you take a look at the law of gravity. Even if one would be totally unaware of how that works,....if one were to decide that they could step out of a fifth story window and be able to fly, the truth of the law of gravity would automatically kick-in. Their false perception would quickly be overtaken by the reality of the actual truth and negate their former ignorance.

Trying to justify abortion for any reason therefore becomes impossible because of the reality of the damage that it does to one physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

I was glad to see that the person who wrote the editorial at least acknowledged that what we are talking about as a product of rape, is a child, Since too often a common pro-choice lie is trying to claim that we are merely talking about a blob of tissue.

Leftists contradict themselves as they want to claim that they are all about equal rights for everyone. Yet in the case of all abortions, they are totally disregarding the basic God-given right to life for everyone. We have all started out small and have been according to Psalm 139, knitted together in our mother's wombs by our Creator.

In the case of rape or incest, why do leftists ignore that importance of equality for all and want to dehumanize that child and pretend that his God-given right to Life is less important than the rape victim? And then for the author to suggest that keeping the child would be like legitimizing a crime or a sin is really preposterous since he/she is totally ignoring the crime and sin of abortion (or murder of the most innocent one of all in this situation).

Two wrongs have never made a right. And how humane is that?

Science has always defined and declared that life begins at conception. Rape or incest never negates that fact. Nor is that fact negated by the fact that this happened to my daughter, niece, sister, friend or neighbor. If rape or incest has created a totally innocent child, it was God who allowed that conception to happen. And who are we mere humans to be brazen

enough to veto God's far superior ways and plans?

Unselfish love can carry a child for the sake of that innocent child for nine months and then either give it up to some married couple yearning to adopt, or raise it herself. Pregnancy is not the same thing as rape with the help of God's healing power, that child can actually be used by God to heal from the trauma of the rape. We must never underestimate the healing and restoration power of God!

Evelyn A. Guggisberg



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