April was cold and for the first part more like winter than spring with five cold records broke. The mean temperature for April was 32.2°F, which is 11.3°F below the average of 43.5°F (1886-2017). This April was the coldest on record from 1886. The next coldest April was in 2013 when the average temperature was 32.4°F. The high temperature for the month was 68°F on April 30. The low temperature for the month was 0°F and occurred on April 4 and 5. Both of these readings were record lows for the day. In addition, two other cold records were broke. On April 1 the recorded high temperature was 17 F° and on April 7 recorded we recorded a high temperature 16° F. Both of these temperatures were the lowest high temperatures recorded for that day. April 7 was also the coldest high temperature ever recorded in April from 1886.

The highest temperature recorded in April at the WCROC from 1886 to 2017 was 98°F on April 23, 1980. The lowest temperature recorded historically was -2°F which occurred on April 7, 1936. Precipitation for the month totaled .68 inches, which is 1.59 inches below the average of 2.27 inches. Snow was recorded at 10 inches which is 6.7 inches above the average of 3.3 inches. We have recorded 39.3 inches of snow during the winter of 2017 to 2018. Average for this time is 39.7 inches. At the end of March frost depth was measured at 28 inches. On April 30 frost was measured at 20 to 27 inches. Heating degree days totaled 952 and the average is 655. We accumulated 42 growing degree days in April. Average is 118.

Spring field and lawn work has been delayed due to cold weather. At the WCROC, the alfalfa was starting to grow last week and lawns have started to grow. No corn planting and limited small grain planting were noted in the area.