Morris city manager Blaine Hill said on June 6 that the new water plant is producing water that will go into the city's water system.

Hill said in an update to the media that the first step will be to fill the basins and send water to the tower.

"It may take a couple of days for the old water to be replaced by the new water," Hill said.

As of the afternoon of June 6, the hardness level of the water was seven grains, Hill said.

The city has said the plant will reduce hardness to five grains.

"We will monitor the city systems to see if there are any issues with the new water," Hill said.

Hill said the public should also monitor the water that enters their homes and property.

The public will not need to be changing out water softeners immediately, Hill said.

"The first step is to will be to make sure the systems are working. Once that is done, then we will advise people further.," Hill said.

Hill said the public should watch for updates in the media and on the city's social media sites.