The purchase of a new vehicle for the county sheriff's office will wait until at least next week, county coordinator Becky Young said.

County commissioners at the Jan. 8 meeting asked sheriff Jason Dingman to learn if local Ford dealer Valu Ford could match the state quote priced for a 2020 Ford F-150 Responder Police Package pickup, Young said.

Dingman obtained quotes from Valu and quotes from the state pricing dealer Hibbing Ford. Hibbing Ford provided quotes of $34,149.69 and $32,939.68. The Valu Ford quote was $36,166.

Dingman is seeking a new vehicle because although the office will be buying different squad vehicles in the future there is a need for a different vehicle now, Young said. Dingman wanted to buy a 2019 specific type utility but those aren't available. The office has to wait until 2020 to get a utility vehicle, then all vehicles in the fleet will be the same, Dingman said in a memo to the board.

Dingman said in the memo hat he intends to give his squad car to a deputy who drives a vehicle with more than 120,000 miles.

Young said Dingman said buying a pickup for the sheriff's office is a trend because the truck can be used for vehicle seizures and other purposes for which a squad car is not suitable.

The county board conducted the oath of office for several county positions. Stephanie Buss took the oath as the new county auditor/treasurer. Nichole Mahoney took the oath as the new county recorder. Neil Wiese took the oath as the commissioner from district 5. Wiese had finished the term of Phil Gausman after Gausman's death and was elected to the position in November. Jeanne Ennean took the oath as the commissioner of district 2. Dingman, assistant county attorney and county also took the oath of office.

Ennen will be the county board chairwoman and commissioner Bob Kopitzke will serve as the vice chairman.