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What's that smell?

Morris, and at least some of the surrounding area, has smelled funky the past several days, city officials said at a May 8 Morris City Council meeting.

"It doesn't smell nice out right now," city manager Blaine Hill said.

The smell has a couple of sources, Hill said.

"It's our sewer plant," councilman Brian Solvie said of one main source.

Hill said the smell also stems from agriculture work including the cleaning of livestock barns and spreading manure on area farm fields.

The water in wastewater lagoons turns over in the spring and that creates a smell, Hill said.

The region has had a late winter with ice on lakes until late April and more than average snow in April. The late winter conditions followed by some temperatures in the 80s over the weekend all contribute to the May smell, Hill said.

Hill said he's received calls from city residents who ask about the smell.

The odor is not hazardous, Hill said.