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Morris postmaster has more than 30 years experience

Morris postmaster Nadine Heck inside her office at the Morris Post Office. Heck has worked for the U.S. Postal Service for more than 30 years. Rae Yost/Stevens County Times

Morris postmaster Nadine Heck said much of her time during the first several months as postmaster has been spent organizing the post office.

Heck was appointed postmaster in January after she worked in various capacities in Morris and at post offices in the region. She will have worked for the postal service for a total of 34 years in October.

"It's mostly been here," Heck said of Morris. She and her husband were living in Ortonville when she took the postal service test. She was offered a job at the Herman Post Office. She spent a few years there before she worked in Donnelly, Chokio and other locations. She was a supervisor in Morris before getting the role of postmaster.

"I oversee five other offices," Heck said. She oversees post offices in Alberta, Chokio, Donnelly, Hoffman and Barrett and one rural route based in Starbuck.

"I make sure their employees are trained correctly. I make sure their financials are done correctly," Heck said. She also answers questions from those offices, assists with bills and with ordering supplies such as stamps.

The job requires her to supervise more employees and offices which is a change. But not the only one.

"I work Monday through Friday (now). After 33 years, it was nice to have a Saturday off," Heck said.

While there have been changes in 33 years, the Morris and other post office are busy, Heck said.

"(The public would)" be surprised by the amount of mail," Heck said. "There is less letters and magazines, less of that mail. But packages have probably tripled. We have an Amazon truck that stops every morning, plus our own postal truck."

Amazon has a delivery contract with the U.S. Postal Service.

Even UPS, Fed Ex and Speed Delivery use the postal service, Heck said.

Amazon and the delivery services know that the postal service will be making deliveries each day.

A delivery service may call at the last minute to drop a package at the post office because it knows the post office deliveries to each address, Heck said.

And while Heck has been told she works well with people, she doesn't get as much contact with the public now that she is postmaster.

"I'm not allowed to do any clerk work," Heck said of postal service union regulations.

Now that Heck works a Monday through Friday schedule she and her husband Bob plan to spend more time with their children and grandchildren who live in Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa.