Two tax-forfeited properties in Chokio will be offered for sale at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 28, at the Stevens County Courthouse.

A property on lot 11 of block 3 at 302 Main St. and another on 105 E. 1st Ave. N., will be sold. The Stevens County Board of Commissioners agreed to sell the land and set minimum prices at the July 17 meeting.

The commissioners set a minimum bid price of $6,000 for the lot 11, block 3 parcel at 302 Main St. and a minimum bid price of $1,000 for the property at 105 E. 1st Ave. N.

County auditor Stephanie Buss said the lot at 105. E. 1st Ave. N. has a trailer. “It is in really, really tough shape,” Buss said of the trailer. She considers the trailer to have a $300 salvage property. The lost has a value of $1,000, she said. It makes sense to set the minimum bid at $1,000, Buss said.

Buss said some people have inquired about the lot with the possible intent of buying it to build a garage on it.

The property at lot 11, block 3 at 302 Main St. was for sale last year but didn’t sell, Buss said. The minimum bid last year was $8,000, she said.

“We’ve had some interest,” Buss said of the property. Buss said she and county assessor Craig Swanson discussed the property and recommended the minimum bid of $6,000.