Robyn Van Eps was elected chair of the Morris Area School Board as part of an organziational session held Monday, Jan. 7.  

This is Van Eps' first term as chair.  Dick Metzger had been the chair last year, but he did not seek re-election in 2017.  

Mike Odello will serve as vice chair; Jenn Goodnough was named clerk and Kurt Wulf was named treasurer for the board.  

The Board also voted to increase the annual salary for board members to $1500.  Van Eps told the board that she had done some research and the board salary has been $1,200 per year for the past 19 years.  

Board member Doug Stahman asked how this compares to board salaries in neighboring districts.  Superintendent Rick Lahn it's low.  He then asked if $1,500 was reasonable. 

Van Eps replied that a retroactive 2 percent increase for the past 19 years would amount to approximately $1,750 annual salary currently.  

Stahman commented that he had been pleasantly surprised to learn that the school board got compensated.  Goodnough also said that she was surprised in her first year on the board to discover there was a salary, but added that the amount of work and the number of hours that the position requires has certainly changed in the past 19 years.  Board member Mike Odello added that no one gets on fthe school board for the money and offered a motion to increase the boardmembers' salary to $1,500 per year.  The Chair receives an additional $500, the negotiations committee members receive an additional $400 and the building project committee members get an additional $500.  The motion was uanimously approved.