Dick Metzger led his final Morris Area School Board meeting on Dec. 17. The board chairman did not run for re-election for another term on the board. Metzger said in a July story in the Stevens County he enjoyed his time on the board but after 10 years, he believed it was time to let others fill a board role. Metzger was board chairman for the past four years.

"He will be missed by all of us," superintendent Rick Lahn said in a Dec. 19 interview. "We will try to carry on his legacy."

Lahn said Metzger had a "steady, calm, positive style of leadership," Lahn said. Metzger's leadership style and dedication to the district was helpful to him as a superintendent, to all administrators, the board and district, Lahn said.

"He really helped us improve the district," Lahn said.

Lahn said he appreciated that Metzger would serve as his sounding board. "The superintendent needs to have a relationship with the school board chairman," Lahn said.

The school board will elect a new chairman at the Jan. 7 organizational meeting. Newly elected Matt Johnson will be joining the board on Jan. 7. Mike Odello and Doug Stahman will be returning to the board as they were re-elected. The board also includes Jennifer Goodnough, Robyn VanEps, Kurt Wulf and Anthony Ekren.