The Morris Area School Board passed its payable 2019 tax levy at the Dec. 17 meeting.

The tax levy is $4,607,878.33 which is $58,693,99 more than in 2018. The increase is a 1.29 percent increase.

In a Dec. 19 interview, superintendent Rick Lahn said several factors influenced the small increase in the levy.

"We've had stable property values," Lahn said.

The state's education aid had increased for 2019, Lahn said.

The board, administration and staff have been good stewards of budget money, Lahn said.,

"We've been very careful as a school disttrict. The board is very frugal," Lahn said.

Student enrollment has also been stable or increased over the past few years.

Although the local levy generates local tax money to fund the school district about two-thirds of the district's money comes from state aid, Lahn said.