The 72 graduates of Morris Area High School influenced their classmates, student speakers Anna Mahoney and Jenna Howden said at the May 25 commencement at the school.

The qualities and attributes of the class of 2018 helped shape the individuals in the class, Mahoney said.

"We've stood by each other sides," Howden said.

Classmates may have pushed each other academically or in sports or other activities, Howden said.

But they also shared the highs and lows of being a teenager, Howden said.

Through it all, the class has accomplished much, Mahoney said.

And while the class should "appreciate yesterday and enjoy today" it must also welcome tomorrow, Mahoney said.

Howden said the class should "Imagine how far we can go" in the future.

"Let your mind be like your GPS to guide you," Mahoney said.