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Hancock students pack in sights during March trip

The group of Hancock High School students outside of Mount Vernon. The group traveled to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York City in March. Photo submitted.1 / 2
The group of Hancock High School students outside the White House. The group traveled to Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia in March. Submitted photo2 / 2

Hancock High School's 9-12th graders spent the week of March 26-30 on an educational trip through Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New York City. On the first day in D.C., Hancock students we able to tour Arlington National Cemetery and observe a changing of the guards. We also visited the Pentagon, Lincoln, and Korean Memorials on Monday.

On Tuesday, the group toured Mount Vernon, George Washington's home and resting place. Hancock students then had the opportunity to tour the White House. It was a tour of the bottom floor of the residence. Hancock students then toured the U.S. Capitol and the Holocaust Museum. They finished up the night at the World War II and Jefferson Memorials.

Wednesday found the group at the Vietnam and FDR memorials and the American History Smithsonian. Hancock students were then able to tour the newest Smithsonian, the African American Smithsonian. To end their educational trip in D.C., Hancock students spent time in the Air and Space Smithsonian and visited the MLK Memorial.

Thursday morning the group woke up early and traveled by bus up to Philadelphia. The group was led by tour guides that were dressed like they lived in the 1770's, "It was fun," said Parker Schmidgall.

The walking tour of Philadelphia included visiting the Liberty Bell and going on a tour of Independence Hall. The group was able to walk by Christ's Church and pay their respects to Benjamin Franklin's Grave.

We then traveled by charter bus to New York City where we were dropped off at the corner of Central Park outside of the famous Plaza Hotel. Right away, the group saw many interesting things one doesn't see in Hancock. The group had a walking tour of Central Park and proceeded down 5th Avenue towards Rockefeller Center. The Hancock students were surprised at the amount of traffic, honking, and sirens.

After dinner, half of the group went to see "Lion King" on Broadway and the other half of the group got to go see "Aladdin." They were both amazing shows. The whole group had a large photo taken in the lively Times Square after their shows.

Friday gave many people their first opportunity to travel by subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan. We ate breakfast at Essex Café before heading to Ground Zero. Half of the group traveled to the top of World Trade One and overlooked the entire city from 102 floors up. The other half of the group chose to go into the 9-11 Museum and tour the exhibits there.

After lunch, the entire Hancock group took the ferry to Ellis Island and toured the place many of our ancestors went through when arriving in America.

"We had amazing tour guides with us the entire time that made this a very educational experience," said Miranda Chamberlain.

"We saw so many things in five days," said Greta Schaefer, "it was amazing how much we got to do!"