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Hancock students, advisors prepare for prom

From left, Jarett Yanish, Tristan Anderson and Amanda Chamberlain work on some decorations for the April 29 Hancock High School prom. Rae Yost/Hancock Record1 / 2
Student Amber Chamberlain and teacher Sue Nelson, one of the prom advisors, discuss the prom decorating on Monday afternoon in the Hancock High School gym. Rae Yost/Hancock Record2 / 2

Sue Nelson was standing near the stage of the Hancock High School gym after school earlier this week.

Nelson is the school district's vocal music teacher and although she is one of the high school prom advisors, she's usually teaching when the group meets during the day. Nelson said the other two advisors, Elizabeth Johnson and Scott Thompson,have done more work than she has. Still, she was supervising students who had started decorating for the April 29th prom.

It's been more than a few years since Nelson went to prom. She attended her first prom as a junior.

"I went with my husband (Mike). He was a senior and I was a junior," Nelson said. "We just knew each other."

The pair weren't dating. "It was seven years before we'd go out again," Nelson said. That date, seven years later, led to marriage.

The prom, "was way too long ago," Nelson said with a laugh. It was "nothing at all like today's..." she said.

Her dress was much more simple than today's prom dresses. Mike didn't wear a tuxedo, he wore a suit.

Now proms preparation can include getting hair styled, tanning, limo rides and more.

There are expenses for clothes and accessories that are part of prom but the group of high school students helping with prom decorating said it wasn't the fancy stuff they were looking forward to.

"The people you get to hang out with," student Amanda Chamberlain said of what is the most fun about prom. "The post prom is really fun."

Post prom is the party after the dance. It usually includes games, some type of entertainment and prizes.

"Getting to hang out with friends (will be fun)," student Jarett Yanish said.

"I think post prom (will be fun)," student Tristan Anderson said.

The students said they've rented tuxedos or bought suits or dresses.

Morgan Molden isn't fond of dressing up. "I don't like shopping," she said. Buying a prom dress wasn't the most fun so she let her mom do most of the selecting, Molden said.

Student Gustav Schacht's date found her dress and then he matched his tuxedo vest to the dress.

Anderson's girlfriend Nicole Peterson picked out his suit. "It's a nice suit," Anderson said.

Hancock High School's prom includes a grand march.

Teacher Hilary Lindor, who was also helping with prom decorating, recalled that her 2012 prom at Morris Area High School seemed to pass quickly. "I was the last one at grand march. My date was slow to sign us up on the list," Lindor said.

Lindor echoed what the students said about the most fun part of prom. "Being with friends was the most fun," she said. The post prom party was also a good time. Post prom included airbrush tattoos, a hypnotist and other activities.

And prom usually includes photos, something Anderson was not really looking forward to.

"I'm going to be so sick of pictures," Anderson said.

"There is not a lot of pictures," Chamberlain said. But then, she paused. "No wait, there is."